Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 22, 2011 The Towle Theater

Hammond, IN

I saw the play, 'I Love You Because' last night at the Towle Theater. Once again the small but very dedicated cast and crew put on a great performance. I can not say enough about this theater. The shows are only $15 and cheaper than that if you purchase a season ticket which includes all 4 shows they put on each year. If you enjoy live theater, you really should support the Towle Theater. If you think you can act, try out for one of their plays. They post the casting dates on their website. Hammond has a small group of artists that are trying to provide a reason to visit that city, I support them and hope you will too. Enjoy dinner at El Taco Real, stop by Paul Henry's Art Gallery and take in a play at the Towle Theater. It will be a night well spent.

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