Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17, 2011 Saint Patrick's Cemetery

I got up early and drove out to Waterfall Glen to go biking with my friend, Mikey. It was already a hot muggy morning by 8am. We did the 10 mile loop but the highlight for me was taking a detour to St. Patrick's Cemetery. It is at the secluded end of an access road to the back side of Argonne National Laboratory. As we walked through the cemetery we played a game that Mike thought up. You had to name a sports figure with the same last name as the tombstone. I'm pretty sure I won that goofy contest. Mikey's search for someone who had lived 100 years brought on the biggest laugh at Margaret Jones' tombstone...
...Mike said lived to be 98 years old, but when I looked at it I said no she was 100 years old. He said no because she was born in September and died in March. Once I convinced him she was 100, I joked that  his Lake Central education had failed him. Then we both just laughed about it.
 I thought this was a good motto to live by.
 I always feel something extra special at a soldier's grave.
Born in County Mayo, so were some of my family.
 There were quite a few Irish names here...County Limerick represented on this one.
I love the old tombstones, the peaceful feeling of a final resting place, the tranquility of a graveyard.

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