Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 2, 2011 Poop...Planes...Pisseye

Fluff hiking at Bailly Homestead & Chellberg Farm, Porter, IN  January 2010

It started out as a simple task. Pick up the dog poop in the yard. As I walked back & forth across the yard looking for dog crap, I started thinking about how Fluffy always pooped on the patio and how it bothered me at the time. But today I started thinking how much easier it was to find it and pick it up. I felt that sadness creeping into me. I started to really miss her. Then a prop plane flew low over the yard. That really made me miss my Fluff because she always barked at the small planes that flew over our house on their way to landing at the Lansing Airport. Then I started to picture her looking skyward, barking and how she crouched down to begin her bark and then jumped up as she barked. My eyes welled up at first then I broke down...full on crying as I wiped the tears away with my hand that was holding a plastic bag full of dog shit. Once again Fluff made me laugh at myself. Thanks sweet girl...I miss you.

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