Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 23, 2011 My Bike Riding Dates & Trash Talking Soccer Women

Jim & Mike @ Montrose Beach, Chicago, IL

Red Stars @ Montrose Beach, Chicago, IL
This story goes back a few months. While enjoying a beer in the locker room after a hockey game, Bill Gentzler mentioned that I should call him next time I go bike riding. Over the past few months, I have but we never could match up our free days. So last week we picked this morning to ride Chicago's Lakefront Trail. Bill contacted fellow teammates Jim & Mike McDonnell. We all met at the Lincoln Park Zoo and decided to ride north up to Montrose Beach where the McDonnell's younger sister's were playing in a beach soccer tournament. Mary Therese & Shannon's team, the Red Stars, easily won two games while we were watching them. It is here where I have to stop the story to explain something about the McDonnell brothers. Jim, Mike & Ian are very talented hockey players. They are the kind of teammates you always want on your team...they are unselfish, play hard, easy going and always encouraging teammates. The one thing they do not do is trash talk. Now...back to my story. In between games, Shannon asks Jim how his bike date is going and laughs. Then when we left she joked again about enjoying our bike date. This made me laugh because her brothers are always so polite. So when I said to Jim & Mike that it was funny to hear their sister teasing them because they never talk trash about anyone. Mike quickly replied, "Gregg, we do it behind your back." I deserved that one because earlier when I saw Shannon then Mary Therese score easy goals I said, "Look at that, McDonnells can score goals." Their was another funny comment when we stopped at the Green City Market. As Jim locked our bikes to a street sign, he said, " I'd hate to tell people our bikes were stolen when the four of us stopped to shop at a farmer's market." It was great to spend time with hockey players away from the rink. Thanks for the bike date guys. Let's do it again soon.

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