Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 9, 2011 A Deer Saved My Life

Sweet Woods Forest Preserve, Thornton, IL

This picture was taken this morning as I was riding the single track trails to warm up for the L.A.T.E. Ride tonight. But today's blog really is about my ride last night at Brownell Woods. I went riding after work yesterday so I decided to do the trails at Brownell Woods which are relatively easy. I rode out and did the loop deep in the woods. I felt pretty good so instead of taking the shortcut through the ravine to the parking lot, I took the same route back that I took out. I have to admit it seemed strange riding that trail in this direction. I always ride it out but never back. I came up to a tree that fell years ago and now it has a branch and dirt ramp up over it. At the last second I thought to myself, "I don't have enough speed to get over the tree trunk in this direction." I was right. I put my right foot down but it never found the ground. I remember falling down the ravine and landing on my shoulder. The next thing I remember is hearing a twig snap and looking up at a deer. I bolted upright, scared the deer which ran off then stopped. It looked back at me and even with my groggy head I knew that deer had woken me up. So I thanked it and laughed at myself. I was about 15 feet down the ravine and 10 feet from my bike which was tangled up in thorny underbrush. I spent a few minute pulling the thorns from my arm, torso and legs. I got my senses about me, felt confident I had no serious injuries and rode out of the woods. When I told my brother-in-law, Keny, about my misadventure. He made me laugh when I told him about the deer because as he reapeated "sure the deer saved you"...he had his arms out in front of him and was thrusting his hips back & forth in a humping motion. I said I didn't care what the deer did as long as it woke me up and just laughed at the whole ordeal. But now the story will always have me waking up while the deer was fucking me. Should I get tested for Lyme Disease?

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