Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 16 Laughing Until Tears Rolled Down My Face

Some days I search for a picture so I have something to write about for this blog. Some days I take a picture and find something to write about, other days I have a hard time finding a picture or coming up with something interesting to write about. Then there are days where something fantastic just falls into my lap or in today's case, my e-mail inbox. Today after working a long day and having absolutely nothing to write about, Cindy Wagner sent me this e-mail:

"This is how Audrey draws people - thought you would enjoy this.

FYI - the drawing is on a card for my mom - which makes it even more funny. And all 4 sides of the card were covered in "people." I picked the best side with the hairy "person" to take the picture.

I see a blog entry..."

Audrey is Cindy's three year old niece. She was featured on this blog on June 3rd. A picture that her mom, Susie, had sent to me. That one also made me laugh but not nearly as much as this one. I  laughed until I cried after looking at this picture.


  1. Audrey has made the blog twice now! was really Grace the last time who got Audrey on by drawing all over her face. I am such a good mom!!