Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 26 Different State...Same Shitty Weather

I worked in Milwaukee today at a Speedway across the street from Mitchell Airport. The planes flew right over the station on their way to landing about 500 yards from us. The strange thing is, I never saw a plane all day. I just heard them. The fog was that bad. Actually it may not have been fog. It almost seemed like the clouds just landed on the ground and they produced a misty rain all day long. I was surprised the planes kept landing. Every so often I could see the flashing lights that marked the runway but never saw a plane. By my unofficial count, we have had 7 days of gray, dreary, misty, all day rains out of the past 9 days. Even a visit to the Mars Cheese Castle on the way home couldn't cheer me up, but it did make me laugh. The Mars Cheese Castle is a must stop on the way out of Wisconsin but I don't know why. They don't even sell good cheese. It just an old fashioned tourist trap that has survived all these years. I just enjoy the fact that it still exists, so I only stopped to get a picture.

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