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October 24, 2014 Life Is Beautiful With Music, Art & Food (Concert #41)

I love music. All kinds of music. I guess I have to admit to being a music geek. No big deal. The first step toward solving your problem is admitting you have one. I hope to have this 'problem' until my last breath...then I will find out if The Gaslight Anthem song "The '59 Sound" has it right about the moment you die..."Did you hear your favorite song one last time?"...I hope so. Since I have never heard of half the bands playing at this festival, I grabbed a local music magazine to see what they recommend. 

After breakfast with George & Marcy, we walked around downtown Las Vegas on a perfect morning. We found a stage setup for concerts that has nothing to do with the Life Is Beautiful Festival. I think it is for the D Hotel across the street.

Things got a little strange when a tour group drove by in these three wheeled cars..

...and stranger yet when Georgie decided to put "the lotion" on Marcy in public. For two people that live in Southern California they sure fear the sun a lot.

I love the old school signs that still exist in Vegas.

The downtown area still has a few neighborhood places like this club on Fremont St.

The view from George's room over looking the festival grounds. We entered the festival early and walked around to check out the new layout this year.

This art work was left over from last year.

This bus stop was transformed into the Lionel Richie Conga Express stop.

Last year there was a sign here announcing a new dog park to be built...this year there is a beautiful new dog park...if this was Mayor Daley's Chicago there wouldn't be a park here for at least three more years and it would cost five times as much.

The closed Western Hotel was turned into a giant art gallery for the festival.

A strange pastel colored walrus piece...they looked like sweet Easter candies to me.

G & M relaxing on the swinger's bench.

A giant metal praying mantis that scares the shit out of people walking down the street by shooting flames out of it's antennae every so often...the only explanation's Vegas. 

There was a food show booth set up inside Container Park. The famous chef's would demonstrate how to cook their signature dish with members of  the bands playing the festival as their sous chefs.

Local band GoldBoot opened the festival on the Western Stage.

The duo played danceable pop/rock songs. I stayed for a few songs and then I headed over to the Downtown Stage to see Milky Chance.

This splattered heart seems to be the festivals image.

Once's Vegas

Milky Chance...most of their songs sounded the same...but they were somewhat entertaining. 

I met back up with George and Marcy to see local rapper Ekoh on the Huntridge Stage. I really enjoyed his set. Hey white rappers don't elicit a high standard but I thought he was pretty good...

...and I love a DJ who uses turntables over a computer. You can check out Ekoh's video below.

My little brother, Geo.

This art piece is for my wife. I believe it is a warning about the effects of climate change. The center piece shows contorted human bodies as the ice melts around the screaming polar bears.

I really enjoyed the murals on several buildings downtown.

This message board was behind the To Write Love On Her Arms booth. It is a charity that supports kids with positive messages about whatever issues they are experiencing. You can check them out at . They had people write down their biggest fear and their greatest dream and post them on the wall.

The Dancetronauts stage was kind of lost and under utilized all weekend. Sometimes there was a fitness team there, other times a DJ played tunes with Go-Go dancers on the risers. Anyway, this guitar player was pretty damn good.

I thought this picture with people made the mural look more interesting.

Here's the Lionel Richie Conga Express dancing their way between the main stages.

I saw a few songs by Holy Ghost!, Vacationer and the above pictured Sleeper Agent while walking around enjoying the sunshine.

George & Marcy ran into some friends who happened to be in Vegas this weekend.

I enjoyed Sleeper Agent's catchy pop rock sounds. Check them out for yourself below.

This is Ty Taylor just hanging out with the crowd watching Sleeper Agent. He is the lead singer of Vintage Trouble, the next band to appear on the Western Stage. I ran into him earlier today and had a chance to spend a few minutes talking music with him. I grabbed some dinner and got up close to see one of my favorite bands...

...Vintage Trouble is easily one of the best live acts touring today. 

I saw these guys three weeks ago in Chicago so I can't say I was surprised that they were amazing tonight. But everyone around me could not stop raving about the incredible performance they had just witnessed. This is a band that you must check out if you call yourself a music fan.

I like the message posted on this sign for a long gone hotel...

...but I love that Llamas stay for free!

I caught a few minutes of Switchfoot then headed over to see Jenny Lewis. After a delay for technical issues, she was amazing. She ended her set with the quietly powerful "Acid Tongue" as a tribute to a Las Vegas friend that passed away recently.

This video is from Lollapalooza because the sound is better than the versions from LIB.
George and Marcy left after Jenny Lewis' set. I checked out Neon Trees for a few songs . Then I ran out of gas. I didn't think I could last long enough to see Kanye West so I headed back to the hotel.

Someone has a sense of humor.

There were several really good food trucks at this festival.

I walked back to my hotel down Fremont Street to enjoy the light show and the street performers. I grabbed a slice of pizza and enjoyed relaxing outside on a warm night is Vegas. Then I got some much needed sleep.

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