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August 31, 2014 Kodiak Island

We took an early morning flight from Anchorage to Kodiak Island. We only have one day to spend here before we go to Afognak Island. So we decided to rent a car and see as much of the island as possible. This shouldn't be too hard because there are only four main roads to drive along.

A couple of shots during our flight...

...and our in flight entertainment as they leave the plane. Just about everyone else on the plane was part of a hilarious group of guys that spent the flight telling stories and goofing on each other. I am pretty sure they were heading out to the wilderness to hunt and fish.

Chrissy is hoping to see a Kodiak bear today.

We drove south out of the town of Kodiak along the Chiniak Highway.

Stopping along the way at Buskin River State Recreation Site and anywhere that looked like bears might hang out.

We took a short hike to a beach at Middle Bay or Kalsin Bay. I am not sure which one it was.

I relaxed on some driftwood...

...and Chrissy took pictures of a local squawking at something. 

We had the place to ourselves on a pretty nice day.

Something or somebody enjoyed some local seafood.

I thought this crab shell looked damn cool on the driftwood.

Chrissy bushwhacking her way back to the car.

Scenery along Pasagshak Bay Road.

We stopped at Pasagshak State Rec Site and I relaxed on the beach. I love doing this when we travel. No matter where we go, I try to find time to just sit down and relax. Just taking it all in and wonder how I got here, how lucky I am to be here and how damn beautiful the world around me looks...

...I took a few shots while sitting on the shoreline. Chrissy walked up and down the beach taking pictures.

It was Labor Day weekend and the locals were camping, fishing and partying just about everywhere we stopped.

On the road again. I think we could use more places like this one. Not sure what this actually is...a google search makes me think it is a religious place. Oh well maybe we don't need more of these.

The world definitely needs more of these....the beautiful Surfer's Beach.

I heard the waves crashing long before I saw them...love that sound.

There were surfers riding the waves but all I could think about was body surfing. The tide was out...the waves were breaking perfectly...and with some power...I could ride them a long way up to the beach...this was amazing...except for one minor problem...the water was about 40 degrees, maybe 45 degrees at best.

I walked in...as the surfers continued to ride the waves in full body insulated wet suits or dry suits.

These two little girls were having a blast with the waves while their mothers told us about living on Kodiak Island. The seemed unfazed by the water temperature.

Chrissy taking pictures on the beach.

 I had to try one more time...

...the waves were getting bigger and I had to ride just one wave in Alaska...

...damn it how can these little girls take the cold...I have a lot more natural blubber to keep me warm...

....I stood here for about five minutes...the water rushing back out caused my feet to sink in the sand...then my feet turned blue and went  completely numb from my shin down...when I tried to walk further out I couldn't feel my feet and almost fell over...fucking pussy...I gave up and headed to warm sand in the sun before frostbite set in.

These obviously extremely tough little girls continued to play in the water...

...while I sat on the beach feeling shame. But getting great pictures of the North Pacific Ocean.

We drove back toward Kodiak but took a detour to the town of Chiniak.

The road was high along the cliffs with beach access down below.

People were camping wherever there was beach access...it was a beautiful afternoon.

Tough times...the post office is for sale.

The salmon were running and every river or creek had fishermen and fisherwomen trying to catch them.

 A live salmon trying to get up river is stopped by a dead salmon...

...there were fish everywhere and Christy was hoping a bear would be hungry and show up. We did hear about bear sightings from a couple of people but just like me riding a wave...seeing a bear did not happen today.

A few shots on the way back to Kodiak.

Logging is a big deal up here...I know we need the lumber but seeing entire islands or mountain sides stripped of trees is a depressing site to me.

Luckily cocktails & food cheered me up as we ended our day at The Rendezvous with a good meal and a few drinks. It was a short and relaxing visit to Kodiak. Next up, we head further into Alaska's wilderness tomorrow morning.

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