Monday, March 24, 2014

March 23, 2014 Oslo's Endless Winter

The Beach Boys had their Endless Summer, this year is my dog Oslo's Endless Winter. Since we woke up to snow falling once again, we decided to head out to the Dunes for a hike with the dogs. Unfortunately, I-80 from the state line to I-65 had about 25 accidents. There were cops, firetrucks, ambulances and tow trucks all over the highway in both directions. So we decided to go to West Beach and hike the Long Lake Trail.
Yes, that is cactus in the snow. 

Oslo & I fell behind Chrissy & Roxie but we could follow their trail.

Roxie stopped to see where we were. Chrissy could care less where we were.

I have this same picture from last fall and there was hardly any water in Long Lake. Our near record level of snow this winter has solved that problem.

Oslo is thankful that his prayers for snow have been answered so often this winter.

Time for a snack...snow.

Ever since a young child was swallowed by a sand dune at Mt. Baldy last summer, the National Park Service has been checking all the dunes for sinkholes. The boy survived being under the sand for hours but Mt. Baldy has not reopened yet. 

Here's Roxie & Christy running down a dune that is not closed off.

On our way home we stopped at Marquette Park to check out Lake Michigan. At West Beach, dogs are not allowed on the beach. The wind was blowing straight off the lake and the lake effect snow was really coming down. The shelf ice went about 200 feet into the lake and the waves were pounding over the top of the twenty foot high sections out on the lake. 

Here's a few shots of the ice that is still on the lake in late March.

Christy & Roxie couldn't take the wind anymore and found some shelter in the dunes...where they waiting for me & Oslo...who would have spent the rest of the day on that beach if I let him.

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