Monday, March 31, 2014

March 30, 2014 Oslo & Roxie's Big Adventure at the Indiana Dunes

It was a beautiful sunny morning and the forecast called for our warmest day since last November. We decided to get an early start and hike to the beach on Trail #8 at the Indiana Dunes State Park. The low morning sun created great light for pictures.

Here's Roxie getting tired of waiting for me while I was taking pictures.

Chrissy and Oslo waiting for us on Mount Jackson, elev 176 ft.

Most of the north facing valleys were still filled with snow.

The third and final climb before running down to the beach.
The deep blue sky colored the lake with an amazing shade of blue.

There was still some shelf ice out on the lake but along the shore was a lot of broken ice chunks floating in open water.

These two were thrilled to find snow and ice.

While I took pictures...

...Roxie drank water and ate some ice.

The sand covered ice chunks were about 5" thick.

Air bubbles moving under a thin layer of ice. I am easily amazed by things like this...

...and things like this. Giant chunks of ice thrown onto to shelf ice at different angles.

The colors and patterns were very interesting to me.

Oslo photo bombed my picture of Chrissy and Roxie.

We decided to walk west along the beach instead of hiking over the dunes so I could take more pictures and because the dogs were getting worn out from the warmer temperatures. Chrissy & I loved the warmer temperatures.

I love pictures of signs. We passed these signs along the path back to the campgrounds.

Who knew the American Revolution was fought on this beach?

We stopped at these signs as we drove out of the park on Route 49.

We stopped at the National Park Visitor Center and bought a National Parks Pass to support America's Greatest Idea. If you have a few extra dollars, please support the parks any way you can.

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