Sunday, January 22, 2012

December 15, 2011 Christmas In NYC Part 1

 Breakfast at The Le Petit Cafe in Brooklyn...Here's Chrissy wondering why she ever married me.
 We had breakfast in the backroom which is a beautiful room in the courtyard behind the building... is an amazing place to have a meal.
 The creche at St. Mary Star of the Sea Church which is where Al Capone married an Irish girl. Someone walking by said someone stole baby Jesus. My Italian Aunt said the church doesn't put baby Jesus into the creche until December 25th because that's when he was born.
 A more modern Christmas scene on a fire escape.
 A old fashion news stand at Bryant Park. We spent the day at pop up street fairs through out the city. We began at the Christmas Fair at Bryant Park.
 Chrissy relaxing in Madison Square Park.
 We found this strange statue at Union Square Park .
 I am just amusing myself with this picture.
While Chrissy shopped at Le Chateau on lower Broadway, I wandered over to my favorite park in the city, Washington Square Park. As I relaxed on a park bench I listened to a musician play Christmas carols under the Arch. I was amused by a mom who told her young son, in an effort to make him keep up with her, that there are polar bears in the park. I laughed out loud when he stopped and began to look for the polar bears. I also enjoyed an only in New York moment where a young female film student asked a group of older men who were sitting on the bench near me to be part of a film she was shooting. They agreed. So she shot a musician friend who played guitar while the group watched. But this being NYC, the men started clapping along and stomping their feet to the music. After the five minute shoot, there were smiles, hugs and thanks. I love this fucking city. Then I saw Chrissy walking across the park towards me with her shopping bags and a smile on her face. It was like our own movie scene. So I got up and hugged her and off we went to meet my artist friend, Marie Roberts for dinner. That is what visiting New York City is like...a bunch of scenes from your own personal movie.

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