Friday, November 25, 2011

October 22, 2011 H+ Records

This is for people my age who miss going to a real record store, browsing through the albums and talking music with other music fans while the store owner played what you requested. It is also for the younger people who never got a chance to spend three hours flipping through records looking for something new or an old favorite. I took the following from the H+ Records website. The store is at 730 South Dearborn in Chicago. Stop in and support a small business.

The Basics

We is me, Patrick.
Said individual is located at 730 S. Dearborn from 8am to 9pm with an appropriate uncertainty factor.
Me/we sell mostly vinyl records of all genre/type/mode/fetish/interest or persuasion that I can find. If it isn't inventoried, it can be, with a simple "Hey, you got this <insert item>?".

Me/The Royal "We"

I was an Environmental Engineer. I got a BS at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana and an MS at the University of Colorado Boulder. I spent 5 years in Oakland, CA and made sure nearly a billion dollars worth of transportation projects didn't mess up the Pacific Ocean or kill the Delta Smelt. I don't do that anymore, at least not right now. I sell records, a long time passion of mine, in Chicago, my hometown.

The Store Philosophy

I have a very long, drawn-out thesis about retail, music, and business. I will make it quick. The current music sales model is convenience (internet, mp3, itunes, etc), which I love immensely as it exposes you, me, and everyone else, to a plethora of music, genre's, styles, etc, it's fantastic. There is a drawback in that model, as it is, by design, low weight and low impact, which leaves a huge hole in a typical fan's appetite for music consumption. Sometimes you need something more, be it a better sound quality, a stronger connection to the band, a more intimate experience, whatever, and that's where H+ Records comes in. I'm trying to build a physical location that can serve that need. Something small and intimate that can build upon your fandom through whatever means necessary, I take no prisoners.

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