Saturday, November 5, 2011

October 2, 2011 Kootenay and Yoho National Parks

After breakfast that included a real egg and cheese English muffin, we left the Village Country Inn in Radium Hot Springs for a day in Kootenay National Park. A quick stop at the visitor center where the rangers gave us a ton of info on all the parks. Canadians are so damn nice, I would love to live here but I'm sure I would be deported. I just can't be this fucking nice all the time.
 The entrance to Kootenay National Park is through Sinclair Canyon. A pretty impressive gateway...
...and there is a little waterfall too...
...and what appears to be a mountain goat leg. Honestly this just gets the heart racing a bit for what lies ahead today.
So we drive past the Redwall Fault into a heavy fog...hoping tomorrow's visitors don't find my detached leg eaten on the roadside.
As we drove up to Olive Lake, the sun broke through the fog during our short hike.
 I'm a sucker for roadside turnouts. It doesn't matter if it is a scenic viewpoint, historic marker or some kind of oddball Americana, I'm always willing to stop. Here's a view of Kootenay Valley...
...and someone looking to have a good time.
Another turnout, another amazing view.
The ravens are still following us...waiting to peck our eyes out. This joke never stops being funny to us.
It was raining when we stopped at Numa Falls.
 I tried to take a few pictures because these falls were very impressive... they cut through the rocks.
 Next stop was the amazing Marble Canyon. Again I had to fight the rain to take pictures...
 ...but as we hiked up the canyon the views changed so drastically...
 ...that I just kept shooting.
Just like the rest of this trip, no matter where you looked you saw something awe inspiring. Here's the forest recovering from a fire with the sun breaking through the low clouds against a mountain.
And if you turn your head and look down, this is what you'd see. Tokkum Creek that has cut through 130 feet of rock over the past 10,000 years.
 The top of Marble Canyon where Tokkum Creek begins it's descent.
A few more shots of Marble Canyon.

I wish the pictures could really show how beautiful and amazing it is to be standing above this canyon and hear the water flowing downhill through the rocks. Hopefully seeing the pictures will make you want to see this for yourself. It is worth the trip.
By the end of this hike, the sun had come out which completely changes how the canyon looked. I should have gone right back up but I'll save it for my next visit. We are off to Yoho National Park.
Next stop Emerald Lake.
Appropriately named as you can see in these pictures.

The boat house was still open. But dark clouds were quickly approaching.
Chrissy always searching the mountainside for bears.
We decided to hike up to Hamilton Falls...
...we made it to the base of the falls before it began raining on us for the third time today. So we headed back.
Even though it was still raining, I decided to check out the Natural Bridge. There was a Japanese tour bus in the lot so Chrissy stayed in the car.
 Again the sound made this place magical... sounds strange but the violent sound of water rushing through the rock seems so peaceful to me.
Here's an example of how the sunlight breaking through the clouds changes the picture.
 We stayed in Field, British Columbia at the Kicking Horse Lodge...
 ...and had a great dinner at the Truffle Pigs Bistro.
So you want to know what paradise looks like...after a long day spent surrounded by the best nature has to offer...the picturesque view is how I ended my day in paradise.

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