Thursday, November 7, 2013

October 27, 2013 Sunshine, Alcohol, Live Music, Me & My Cousins...Life Is Beautiful

After breakfast with the parents at Hash-A-Go-Go, I headed to the LIB Festival. One of my favorite bands, Living Colour was playing first on the Downtown Stage.

I got there before the music started so I toured the Art Odyssey. I had a very interesting conversation about America's views on religion with New Zealand artist Matt Couper. His paintings seemed to have religious overtones and I'm always interested in how the rest of the world views America's fascination with religion.

I didn't take pictures of any artwork but a young artist, CJ The Kid, had painted this on the wall over the door to his exhibit. I thought it was a good message.

We saw this band playing at 1am last night on Freemont Street. Now Cosmic Suckerpunch is playing less than 12 hours later at LIB.

Like the rest of us, Living Colour has gotten older...but they still pack a punch playing live. Great set.

I met up with George & Marcy at the Ambassador Stage for the all female band Charli XCX. I never heard of them, but they sounded good. The band looked like The Knack with white shirts and skinny black ties.

Dusty Sunshine on the Homegrown Stage. Another all female band with a country rock sound.

I saw several street performers on 7th St. These guys sounded real good and had people dancing to their old time music.

Smoke if you got'em. Allen Stone's fans definitely loved their pot and his white boy soul and R&B. Another good performer that I heard of but wasn't that familiar with his music. Loved his set. Fantastic backing band. Afterwards, I watched Haim rock the Huntridge Stage. These three sisters sounded great as they traded off on lead vocals. Amazing guitar riffs by these young ladies.

After margaritas, very tasty chips with salsa & guacamole and seafood enchiladas at La Comida...

...Marcy wanted to see Janelle Monae...I took pictures along the way.

A good mushroom can be your friend at a festival.

Janelle Monae was unbelievably good. Great stage show, voice and backing band. Really enjoyed her set.

The Kingston Springs playing on the Red Bull Sound Select Tour Bus. The stage pops out of the middle of the bus. Liked these guys at Lolla a few years ago. Fun band. Good songs.

STS9 - not my favorite type of music, they would probably sound better if I was on ecstasy.

24 hours later, still feeling no pain
After drinking all day long, there was a debate on whether this was a carrot or a candy corn...once we saw it from the front Marcy says, "it has eyes". Fuck it, let's get a picture. After a great set by Vampire Weekend, we left to meet up with my cousins, Karen & Ken. 
I headed back out with my cousins for some food and more drinks.

K & K dancing down the street to the band playing on Freemont Street, as we got closer to Ogden St. we could here the Killers playing at LIB.

Two days of drinking, a few slices of NYC pizza, then more drinks combined with barely 13 hours of sleep over the last three days...

...made the Fremont Street Experience seem more like the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

This is how I looked after 2am, when I said goodnight to my cousins.
 A few hours later we got together for breakfast...
...just what the doctor prescribed for my hangover...

Ken & Karen, who stayed out the longest were all smiles...

...there is no doubt that these two are related, they both have our grandfather's smile. We said our goodbye's and headed to Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami by way of the Grand Canyon, Texas and Arkansas. Good times in Las Vegas with friends, family and music.

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