Saturday, November 2, 2013

October 20, 2013 Our Day at Starved Rock State Park

Another beautiful fall day...another hike in the woods with our dogs. This time at Starved Rock State Park.

It's the girls leading the way...the guys trailing behind.

The fall colors are late arriving this year but some have changed already.

We hiked out along the river trail to Lover's Leap, Eagle Cliff and Beehive Overlooks.

This is the park's namesake rock.

The dam above and the locks below on the Illinois River.

Time for drink since the trail took us down to the river.

We hiked back through Wildcat Canyon and Pontiac Canyon.

While the dogs rested, we had lunch outside at the lodge.

Miss Chrissy waiting for her food.

Then we walked around the lodge and checked out the Art in the Park.

We stopped across the river at the Illinois Waterway Visitors Center. A boat was busy pushing several barges of coal through the locks.

Flocks of white pelicans were flying overhead. I just found out that they migrate through this area every spring and fall.

We also stopped at Buffalo Rock State Park for a short hike.

Strange sign on the parking lot bathrooms...this must have been a serious problem at one time.

We saw a guy playing guitar in the park...

...we figured this was probably his van.

I brought Oslo to see the bison. He freaked out at first but the bison wouldn't even look at him. So that was our day at Starved Rock. Wait, we did have huge ice cream sundaes at Tones Cones in Ottawa on the way home.

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