Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October 26, 2013 Life Is Beautiful Festival

After a short night of sleep, we headed out for breakfast. This was an adventure everyday due to the long lines at most places. 

Geo trying the giant slot machine at the Golden Nugget. No breakfast here!
Here's the family that must have adopted me as a child posing on Fremont Street.

No breakfast here...

...or here...
...should have checked if breakfast was offered here...could have gotten eggs Danny Thomas style...
...not here either. Guess where we had breakfast? Denny's. OK, it seems lame but I was starving and this Denny's has a wedding chapel in it, so at least I only had breakfast here. I wonder how long a marriage that takes place at Denny's actually lasts?

Finally made it to the Life Is Beautiful Festival...so was the weather.
Here's the bands I saw today
Family of the Year - very good
Wallpaper - energetic and I thoroughly enjoyed their set
ZZ Ward - pretty good bluesy set
Goldboot - local band, they were OK
Dawes - love this band
Youngblood Hawke - OK
Alabama Shakes - fantastic band, amazing singer
Capital Cities - heard them while eating dinner at the amazing Culinary Village, fun songs, eclectic food choices, great idea to add this to festival
Earl Sweatshirt - good young rapper
Imagine Dragons - good live band, sorta like the Killers, very cool version of 'Radioactive' with Cirque du Soleil performers
Cults - good male/female singer band
Beck - been a fan for years, first time I saw him, blown away, great live
Kings of Leon - love this band, did not let me down
So on with a pictorial tour of my day

the host hotel of the festival, it was inside the festival grounds

love the old signs along Fremont Street
this was wrapped around a fence on an empty lot...what can I say I love dogs and thought the sayings were very cool

Now, I'm not sure what the bestiality laws are in Nevada. But if a guy shows up at a motel with a llama, I wouldn't rent him a room.

my cohorts for the weekend, my little brother George and my sister-in-law Marcy

this seemed strange sober, imagine how it looked ten hours and many beers later in the dark with flames shooting out of it's head.

a 3D mural with old fashioned 3D glasses available across the street

it was much easier to get pictures of the artwork than the bands

Family of the Year - catchy pop songs with a male/female singing combo, seems like lots of bands have that nowadays

there was always a line of people waiting to pose in front of the artwork, so I took a picture of this young couple instead of waiting.

This band, Wallpaper, was my favorite surprise of the weekend. Very energetic rock, rap with dual singers and dual drummers. check them out, I had a blast during their set. I caught singer Ricky Reed's DJ set later and was entertained a second time today by them. Check them out below..

I took this picture to use on Facebook. It seemed so perfect behind the barbed wire fence.

ZZ Ward

the local stage



Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes...her singing sent chills down my spine three different times during their fifty minute set...

Alabama Shakes...great live act

Earl Sweatshirt

an artist booth, anyone could paint a brick and add it to The Wall...
...pretty cool idea for a music festival.

G&M feeling no pain while waiting for Beck to play.

After a great set by the Kings of Leon, we headed out for NYC pizza slices at Pizza Rock...

 ...then back to The Plaza at the end of Fremont Street.

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