Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 25, 2013 My First Day In Las Vegas...Really The First Time I Ever Set Foot In Vegas.

Here's a big took a music festival to get me to visit Las Vegas. Last month while in Chicago, my little brother mentioned he was going to something called Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas. I forgot about it until he posted on Facebook he was going to Vegas. I needed a break from my so called I'm in Vegas. We are staying downtown so we can walk to the Life Is Beautiful Festival. After checking in, I walked down Fremont Street to check out the festival grounds before the streets were blocked off. Then I met up with my parents and my brother and sister-in-law for dinner at Triple George Grill. Damn good food at that place.
Dinner at Triple George...

...then a walk down the Fremont Street Experience...'s a digital screen canopy above Fremont St for about four blocks. The freaky images move to music provide the drugs for a special experience.

Then George, Marcy & I walked around the festival area as the streets were being blocked off. Several artists were finishing their murals by spotlight generators.

There's a leggy girl with a big heart...she needs it to make up for the lack of a heart in her husband.
A few more murals

Afterwards, we had a few drinks at Commonwealth with my friend Matt, who recently moved back to Las Vegas. I finally went to bed about 21 hours after I got up this morning in Chicago.

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