Friday, November 9, 2018

October 8, 2018 Our Drive From Grand Junction To Denver...Spoiler Alert...Not Much Happened

We have to be in Denver at some point today. So we have all day to make this four hour drive along I-70. Plan A was to drive into Grand Mesa National Forest to the town of Grand Mesa then drive back out to I-70. It was raining and way too foggy to drive up to scenic Grand Mesa today.

Plan B was to drive to Aspen then out to Maroon Bells-Snowmass and hike around Maroon Lake. But by the time we drove south of Glenwood Springs on Rt 82, it was snowing pretty good and visibility was not good. 

Plan C was to stop for lunch in Vail. We got stuck in a construction zone, then found out there is no fucking place to park in Vail except by the highway then take a bus into town. We quickly left Vail.

We had no Plan D. But since I still have my 15 year old brain, I insisted on stopping here to get some gas. Even this photo makes me laugh. Still immature in my 50' wonder Chrissy gave up on me.

My cynical religious mind forced me to take a picture of this truck. 

Actually we stopped at this roadside pullout near Eagle (I think) for two reasons.

One was the treacherous road conditions for the past hour as we drove through snow and I needed a break to release my hands from the kung fu grip I had on the steering wheel.

The second reason was so I could photograph the fall colors that were so brightly lit as the sun popped out for a few minutes.

The snow flecked trees as we approached the higher elevations near Silverthorne.

By now we were both very hungry but I knew a place to eat in Frisco from my previous visit to Colorado. So we ate at a German sausage beer hall called Prosit.

We came up with a Plan D and toured around the Historic Area of  Georgetown

It was snowing here too. So we eventually headed to Denver to meet up with Christy.

Chrissy had a post conference party in the hotel, so Kennedy and I headed out to find a place to eat. 

Unfortunately for Kennedy, our wandering aimlessly took us past lots of interesting things to photograph... I did take a few pictures.

Just giving credit for this mural pictures above.

I do love eating with the locals but we kept walking.

There is so much great street art in this area of the city.

I believe we walked through neighborhoods known as Five Points, North Capital Hill and LoDo.

There was an Alley Art exhibit along the 16th Street Mall.

If you've ever read my blog, you know I love old buildings with character and craftsmanship.

I am pretty sure this was part of The Alley Art Project. It was a neon protest against gentrification.

A classic old city clock tower.

Honestly Officer I have no idea how this got in my room...wait a minute...this is it is perfectly legal to have this in my room. A state full of people that love outdoor activities...hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, four wheeling, off road riding, skiing, snowmobiling, snowboarding and sledding down sand dunes. Plus you have mountains, giant forests, canyons, mesas, grasslands, high plateau deserts and marijuana is legal. This might be the perfect place for me to live.  

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