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September 26, 2015 Relaxing At Life Is Beautiful

Before I get to today's events I have to say again that Stevie Wonder's performance last night was amazing. That said, there isn't much hope that today's bands will top what we saw late last night...but we shall see. We slept in today but I still felt every bit of my 50 years and 40 extra pounds this morning. So we decided to take it easy today. We started off by walking down the Fremont Street Experience and goofing on the tourist crap for sale on that street mall. 

Another hot and beautiful day in downtown Las Vegas...

...I love the rescued old school signs...

...and the ones still in use.

After taking pictures of some kids here, they offered to take our picture. Since we rarely have pictures  taken of both of us, we agreed. 

Chrissy said she was probably the only one here that knew these were meerkats...I know she was wrong because I knew they were meerkats.

Can you find the Christy?

We checked out Alessia for a few songs. The young girls seemed to really enjoy her music. I found it interesting but really wanted to see New Politics so we headed to the opposite side of the festival.

One of many messages painted on the streets.

This mural on the side of a building is from the first LIB festival three years ago...we've all been there my friend.

We caught the last song by the Las Vegas punk band Mercy Music. Just what I needed to energize my tired old ass. Now over to the Downtown Stage for...

...wait another cool mural along the way...

...finally the pop punk or pop rock of New Politics. I enjoyed their set. I know several of their hit songs and the band put on a good show. Very energetic and a good time. We wandered around and ended up at a small stage inside the Container Park to see...
...Elvis Monroe. Only a couple of guys from the band played but their mix of country and rock sounded good to me. We decided to eat in the shade of the upstairs restaurant, The Perch. Good decision by us. The small plate food was delicious and the view of the stage from the shade on this 100 degree day was perfect. 

Then we stayed because the next band setting up looked very intriguing...a stand up bass, young men wearing black suits on a triple digit temperature day and a Jimi Hendrix looking young man with four geeky looking white guys known as The Lique...

...this was easily the best band we saw today...a jazz quartet fronted by an energetic, politically charged lyricist that rapped over the jazz music. Sounds strange but to hear them perform will make you get it. I loved this band. 

Their short set included a freestyle rap using words supplied by the audience just to prove it wasn't the usual uneducated commercial rap. The lead singer railed against the music business, talent-less performers and anyone who gives in to The Man or societal norms. Again I loved their entire set.  

Robot Love? Mural

Easily my favorite song of the summer.

I ran into this "bull" outside of the Dos Equis bar.

After being assaulted by a bull, we headed over to the Art Motel...a closed motel filled with artists invited by LIB.

The courtyard had a big carnival art exhibit...

...and each room had a different artist displaying his or her art.

We spent about an hour checking out the artwork...

...time for some music. First a little story. Earlier today on her way back from the hotel pool Chrissy ran into members of a band from Toronto. She didn't ask who they were but a quick Google check determined it was the band, Metric. So we caught their set but their 1980's synth pop sound isn't my favorite music. so we headed to the Huntridge Stage for some reggae. I believe that reggae when played well is always enjoyable and SOJA was just what I needed tonight. Chrissy wanted to see Duran Duran, so we got some drinks and tried to name all the Duran Duran songs we could remember...Rio, Girls on Film and Hungry Like The Wolf...yes that was it. We remembered The Reflex and A View To A Kill when they played them but we decided to cash out early and relax over pizza and Mexican Coke at Pizza Rock.

We said goodnight to the giant prayer mantis on the way out...

...and a few things we passed on the way back to the hotel.

Goodnight Las Vegas!!!

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