Saturday, October 17, 2015

September 27, 2015 Hiking In Red Rock Canyon and Rocking at Life Is Beautiful

We started our day by driving out to Red Rock Canyon NCA to do the scenic drive loop and do some hiking. 

I had to stop so Chrissy could get this picture of a sign you don't see everyday. Of course, we did not see a desert tortoise anywhere in the park.

The only place we saw any red rocks was during the first part of the scenic drive.

We got out several times to take a quick look around...

...sometimes the size of the great outdoors doesn't show up in pictures unless you can add some people to use as a reference.

We saw two tour groups in Red Rock in mini cars or fancy go carts and this one on scooters.

Since we only had a few hours for this visit, we decided to hike in Ice Box Canyon. It was already close to 90 degrees by 10am but thank God there was a breeze. 

Heading into the mountains...

...Chrissy carrying plenty of water as we hike toward Ice Box Canyon.

Another beautiful day in Nevada.

We hiked up to Ice Box Canyon, then dropped down into the canyon itself...which was appropriately named because it was 20 degrees cooler in the shade of the canyon.

Hiking in either direction in the canyon requires some scrambling over rocks. We hiked for a little while up and down the canyon...

...then headed back to the car.
A selfie with my Canon camera...this took a few tries.

This hike took us from the desert, through a small forest, up into the mountains and down into a canyon...a little bit of everything on a short hike.
A short stop at Pine Creek Canyon for a quick look around...

...I was supposed to meet my friend Matt at a bar to watch the Bills football game (he is originally from Buffalo) but this place was so nice we stayed too long out here. Sorry Matt. On our way back into Las Vegas we stopped to look for an REI but got lost in a mall and accidently stumbled across a Wahoo's Fish Taco place. We had to eat here. Three grilled fish tacos and some tasty chips and salsa later we were on our way. We stocked up on some hiking food for the next two weeks at REI and headed back for the last day of LIB.

Some more artwork at LIB as we headed toward the Downtown Stage.

Christy staying hydrated on a hot and thanks to the clouds rolling in...muggy day.

We caught the Hawaiian reggae band The Green for a few positive vibrations...

...then we saw a band I have really enjoyed lately...the guitar and drums duo...

...The London Souls. I have to admit that their records have a more varied sound than their live set. But if you only have 30 minutes on stage, I guess you should rock out at a festival. Anyway, I enjoyed their set.

Artwork on the grass covered parking lot of the Downtown Culinary Village. I believe Chrissy got a sno cone and I had a very tasty ice cream sandwich from a food truck.

Saint Motel who surprised me because I really enjoyed their set of music. A mix of synth pop and a bit of R&B to keep it interesting to me...the psychedelic backdrop added to my enjoyment too.

Then another guitar and drum duo known as Two Gallants rocked the Huntridge Stage with a great mix of well written songs. But the bigger surprise was running into my brother for the first time since we had lunch on Friday. I have found myself missing my family more and more as I get older. So when I have plans to spend a weekend in Las Vegas with one of my brothers, I build up my expectations of  how much fun it will be to party and enjoy some music with him. Then the reality hits and it's nothing like I hoped it would be. But since this is the third year in a row that this has happened, I guess I am an idiot for feeling like another chance to hang out with my brother has slipped away again. 

Sure it is just dance rock or pop music but Walk The Moon was fun. Some of their songs manage to mix in some lyrics with social relevance which I really appreciate. They had everyone singing and dancing for their entire set...and I've always said "if the band looks like they are having fun, it's easy to have fun in the audience." So we did. Nice job for a band from that mecca of musical talent...Ohio.

There was a two drink minimum to enter the Atomic Lounge this year so we passed on enjoying this Las Vegas institution. But you should visit this place when you are Las Vegas. We ran into Georgie and Manny at the Ambassador Stage while Run The Jewels were rockin' the mics old school style. Chrissy noticed that George and Manny were both dancing but laughed and said one of them has rhythm and one of them should stop dancing...I watched them both and didn't have to ask which one should stop dancing...I knew because it must be genetic...I can't dance either...but with enough drugs or alcohol...I'll dance I could not tell my brother to is short...shut up and dance with me. 
We caught all of Weezer's set because I love that band...but we were surrounded by people who love that band way more than I do...they sang along to every single song...and I love being surrounded by people that love music. On the way out we stopped to check out Ghostface Killah fronting BadBadNotGood. I really like the way Ghostface raps but his voice was shot tonight and I was running out of steam so we headed off into the heat of the Las Vegas night...thinking about our next adventure in the Sierra Nevada Mountains...and knowing that Life Is Beautiful.

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