Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 3, 2014 Cousins, Hangovers, Bike Rides & CIMMFEST with Murder By Death (Concert #21)

We were completely booked last night at the Stink Dog Lodge. We had three guests upstairs, one on the living room couch and Chrissy & I in the downstairs bedroom. Most of us didn't get to bed until 3am. It was a rough morning but I managed to meet Chrissy's cousin Mark about 1:30pm in Valpo. Mark, his niece Anna and I went for a bike ride at the Indiana Dunes. We rode along Lakeshore Drive in Beverly Shores then rode along the Calumet Trail for a nice afternoon ride.

 Mark & Anna at Lake View Beach
While Anna & I walked down to the water...

...Mark relaxed on a bench.

The Calumet Trail was a little muddy in spots due to recent storms but it was passable. I had to cut the ride short because Chrissy & her cousin Lisa were waiting for me. We had plans for dinner and a show in the big city.

 After a tasty dinner at a cool little place on Logan Square called Reno. We headed to the Logan Square Auditorium for CIMMFEST, Chicago International Movies & Music Festival. Tonight's show was Bloodshot Records 20th Anniversary Showcase. This was the first time I have seen a show here. I am pretty sure this building used to be a school and the second floor auditorium looks like it was the gym. That said, it is a pretty cool place to see a show. The opening act was Precious Blood. I thought they were pretty good...
...this old lady sat along the sidewall and fell asleep on & off during all the bands.

Then R&B legend Andre Williams sang his version of dirty rhythm and blues...

...with a solid band behind him. I really enjoyed their set.

The funky soul and R&B reminded me of New Orleans music. 

Then a band I have been a fan of for the past 5 years rocked the stage with their mix of brooding ballads, rock 'n'roll and country, some might call it Americana music. Whatever it is, they do it really well.

Since Chrissy could barely stay awake we headed out around 12:30am while the band played on.

Here's Lisa enjoying Chicago's late night public transportation crowd. Once again thanks to everyone who partied yesterday for Jeff's birthday party at Marsha's house. And thanks to those that hung out with us was a fun weekend with family and friends.

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