Sunday, May 4, 2014

April 13, 2014 Crawfish for Breakfast, The French Quarter Festival Ends (Concert #18) & Gal Holiday at Mimi's (Concert #19)

We walked down Frenchmen Street on our way to the last day of the French Quarter Festival.
As usual I fell behind Chrissy as I took pictures of the live music venues on both sides of the street.

We eventually made it to the Old US Mint site which is now home to the Louisiana State Museum. We enjoyed the music of the Idlewild String Confederation...
...while we enjoyed our crawfish boil for breakfast. We tried to look like locals but our bad crawfish technique gave us away as tourists. "Hey Chrissy, suck the head, pinch the tail!"

Here's the Rouse's crew boiling the crawfish & potatoes.

Andrew Hall's Society Brass Band, we saw these guys at the parade on Friday. 

The band was real good...

...but this guy's daughter stole the show when she danced with her dad.

Jerome Gatius New Orleans Big Four 

I'voire Spectacle

The Bucktown All-Stars

Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen

We decided to take the ferry across the Mississippi River to the West Bank. This is the cruise ship my parents took last month to Central America and Mexico.

A view of the Big River Stage from the Big River.

St. Louis Cathedral
Some fat guy on the boat

enjoying the cool breeze on the Mighty Mississippi river

the heavily armed Coast Guard boat

I laughed at this because Stumpf is a family name of mine from back in the 1800's. Maybe I am related to a Senator.

We took a passenger only ferry to the West Bank but took a car ferry back to the French Quarter.

I really enjoyed the New Orleans Suspects. Their swamp boogie funk combined all the musical sounds that I love about New Orleans.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of the boat traffic on the river.

This is New Orleans blues legend, Little Freddie King.

There are so many different styles of music that are blended together in this city. The Iguanas combine Chicano rock, R&B, Conjunto and various Latin styles with a deep groove... other bands we saw this doesn't matter what language a song is sung...if the music makes your feet move and your ass shake...everyone dances to it...

...and adding horns to the music never hurts either.

A shot at the Abita Beer Stage which was probably the main stage of the FQF. The weather, the music, the food and the great music fans of New Orleans all added up to a wonderful time for Chrissy & I this weekend...the daiquiris had something to do with it too.

These guys have the greatest band name I've ever seen...

..Raw Oyster Cult... most bands here they combined many influences into great music. As we wandered back across the French Quarter, we stopped to check out Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers at the House of Blues Voodoo Garden Stage, Rockin' Dopsie & the Zydeco Twisters at the Cajun/Zydeco Stage and ended up having a bite to eat in Jackson Square listening to the Uptown Jazz Orchestra as the festival ended. 

Of course the music never ends in this city so we caught Gal Holiday & the Honky Tonk Revue while having a late dinner at Mimi's in the Marigny.

...the Last to Leave indeed...Good Night New Orleans.

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