Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 4, 2013 My Only Day At Lollapalooza This Year

Here's my date for Lolla this year. She is enjoying some Queijo de Coalho – Brazilian-style Grilled Cheese on a Stick. This is the first time Chrissy has been to Lollapalooza and the weather is perfect. Also a big thank you to Mike McDonnell for getting me tickets this year. The three day passes sold out before I got home from work. So Mike got me two tickets for Sunday because we wanted to see the Cure but everything was sold out before he could get any other days. 

Besides Vampire Weekend, The Vaccines and the Cure, there are no bands I have to see so we just walk around checking out some bands. Here's  Rivals of the Peacemaker doing a sound check.

This is Guards. Pretty good sound to this band, straight up rock and roll.

Lolla finally sprung for new signs around the stages.

The guitarist in Guards used to be in Cults who I saw a few years ago at Lolla. Cults were one of my favorites that year.

We caught a few songs by Rivals of the Peacemakers. Enjoyed this band too.

Palma Violets are a hyped punk band from England. They cranked out a few good songs and had the crowd bouncing around.

The Chicago skyline on the north end of Grant Park on a beautiful summer day.

This dad not only brings his young boy to Lollapalooza, he allows a dayglo orange Mohawk and has stirrups tied to his belt so his boy can see the stage...he must have left his father of the year trophy at home.

This is the lead singer of a local band called The Orwells. He had just taken his pants off while they belted out punk tunes at a rapid pace. I loved this band's energy. The singer was making the most of their 45 minutes on stage. They even left and came back out because the fans were calling for "one more song". They banged out a Stooges classic, "I Wanna Be Your Dog". As the singer walked off, he said, "see you next year when we headline this festival". Even his band mates laughed but I love their set. They may not have been the best band I saw but they were the most memorable. We watched Jake Bugg for a few songs. He sounds like a young British Bob Dylan.

This is the only stage without a back curtain, so it is difficult to get a good picture. This is the entertaining 'Nightmare & The Cat'. I really liked this young band.

The Skaters from NYC cranked out some good old rock & roll. I say this as a compliment because the four piece singer, guitarist, bass player and drummer type bands aren't that common anymore. We saw Alex Clare and then The Mowgli's for a song or two.

This ad flew over Grant Park for most of the day. It's the funniest ad I've seen since a Lipton Tea ad on the Oslo subway years ago. That ad show a merry-go-round horse that broke free and was humping the horse in front of it because he drank Lipton tea.

Playing around with the camera at Buckingham Fountain.

We watched Two Door Cinema Club's set from way back so I could get close for The Vaccines. These guys write very catchy rock songs. I first saw them at Lolla a few years ago.

Vampire Weekend was great even from way back here. I love their new CD and the songs were just as good live. They drew the biggest crowd I saw all day.

We came today to see The Cure. We've both been fans since the mid 80's. Even though Robert Smith looked like an old drag queen, they sounded great. They played for two hours and I could have stayed for another two hours. They have a ton of great songs and put on a good show. It was a fun day of music and food. I forgot to mention that Rainbow Cone is damn good. Check them out at 92nd St. and Western Ave. A note to Perry Farrell please limit tickets back to 4 next year...Until next year...

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