Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 10, 2013 Cruise Night in Lansing

It was a beautiful summer night and downtown Lansing was full of impressive cars, bands were playing at Kilroy's and at Jack's and it was my sister-in-law Kimmy's birthday. So Christy, Kimmy & I walked up & down Ridge Road during Lansing's Cruise Night. I really enjoy our town's attempts at bringing the community together for events like Cruise Night, the Good Neighbor Parade, movies in the park and the upcoming Autumn Festival. Here's the pictures from our night out. I am not a car geek but I do love seeing cars that have distinct character, unlike today's cars. That said, I couldn't describe all the engine parts but I hope all you car geeks enjoy the photos.
A rare picture of Chrissy with a hat...I love this picture.

It's the birthday girl.

 The Lansing Fire Fighter Memorial. Our house was built by a Lansing fireman back in 1951.

 A special thanks for Mr. Vermeer and all military members from me.


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