Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 18, 2013 August Social Club at the Indiana Dunes

I started the Social Club because as I got older, I didn't see my friends as often as I used to. E-mail, texting and Facebook just doesn't seem like a real friendship. Maybe they felt the same way, maybe not. So I thought a day at the beach would be a great way to hang out and bring the whole family. The weather was absolutely perfect for a day at the beach. I would like to thank everyone that showed up. I had a great time and am planning on doing it again next year.
Kristian & Cindy

Three generations of Mazrimas women...though Chrissy says it should be Beckman women.

While almost everyone went to the beach, Jim started grilling the corn, mititei, hot dogs, brats & sausages.

My niece, Kristian made a sign for the Social Club.

Kennedy looking for something to eat.

Kristian made all kinds of desserts including outdoor themed cupcakes with gummy bugs and real bugs dipped in chocolate. 

Grill Master Jim

My wife, Chrissy and her sister Kimmy made a big deal about me playing with the Silkaitis boys. My past reputation was that I didn't enjoy kids that couldn't control their bodily functions. Now I am so old that I can no longer control mine, so I figured we were all in the same boat. I was so nervous about the little guy falling I wouldn't let go of his hands on the chain and ran back & forth with him. Eventually I trusted that he would hold on tight.

His brother was yelling at me, "Hey why can't I be on a regular swing? I'd like to have kids someday and this thing is crushing my nuts."

Apparently, this was the old lady section.

The soon to be parents, Pat & Tammy

I was explaining to the youngsters that the Top 40 music that Kennedy was playing has no soul and is only good for dancing with girls. Real music is played by alternative or punk bands. I think I got thru to them.

Maybe not!

Proud Papa.

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  1. The big news of the day was that you held and actually played and talked with the babies. Yep...I'm in a pleasant state of shock still but luckily their parents were there to hand em over when the conversation got to deep for ya. I think you Mom needed smelling salts after seeing the proof in these pictures.