Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 11, 2012 Sandhill Cranes at Marquette Park

It started out as our usual walk along the beach and through the dunes.

 I took a few pictures of our shadows...just for fun.

Then I heard a familiar sound while walking back through the was the trilling trumpeting call of sandhill cranes. Soon the sky was full of them. It seemed like groups of them were converging over Marquette Park and forming even bigger flocks which then headed north along the lake shore.

I only had my pocket camera so the pictures aren't that great but the experience of witnessing their northbound migration was incredible. I sat on the dunes watching and listening for over an hour as hundreds, maybe thousands of cranes filled the sky above me. I was amazing. Of course the irony of seeing the natural wonder of the sandhill cranes flying over Gary's steel mills was not lost on me either.

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