Sunday, March 25, 2012

February 24, 2012 Road Trip To See Frank Turner

I took a road trip to Bumfuck, IL, actually it was Boomington, IL...I am pretty sure they are the same place. Why you might ask? Because one of my favorite performers, Frank Turner was playing at this sleepy college town. I drove down with Adam and his friend Rick. We spent most of the drive making fun of Adam. Unfortunately while looking for a place to eat dinner, we, meaning Adam & Rick, passed by the deli with two cute college girls working there to eat at a shitty Mexican place that was completely empty at 7pm. I was beginning to lose faith in the younger generation I was traveling with but they both were saved by the fact that their fellow Gen Nowhere crowd filled the Castle Theater for Frank Turner.  Cory Chisel was the opening act, then Frank came out and performed his magic. It was well worth driving to nowhere and back to see this show. I highly recommend both artists if you love great music.

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