Wednesday, March 7, 2012

February 18, 2012 Flogging Molly & Friends

What else can I say about Flogging Molly? There isn't a band out there I'd rather see play live. The twenty or so times I've seen them I've always left impressed. And exhausted, soaked with sweat and due to my age, very sore...but always glad I saw them. So what made tonight's show at the Aragon special...I finally got my friend Patty to quit studying for a night and see Flogging Molly with me again. She used to go with me but hasn't seen them for a few years. She too was glad I forced her to come to the show. I also had four of my hockey player friends, the three McDonnell brothers and Justin Ruzich, there to see FM for the first time. I never made it to the mosh pit but I enjoyed drinking my beers, hanging out with friends, and singing / dancing to almost every song. I love the energy created by a theater full of fans partying along with this band. Slainte!!!

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