Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20, 2011 Old Whores Don't Do Much Giggling

This is my friend Adam. I had to steal a picture from his facebook page. I tried to find one where he didn't seem gay...dude, you have lots of pictures with you hugging guys...so I took one where he looks like he is struggling to hold back a serious bowel movement. Anyway I just wanted to let everyone know that Adam is very articulate when trying to express his views or opinions. I mention this because after much cajoling from me...he started a blog at http://adambalcazar.blogspot.com/. Adam & I have had numerous conversations about music, politics, religion and life in general. I look forward to reading his blog and if you can waste time reading this blog, then you have time to read his blog.

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  1. My expression in the picture is in direct correlation to my immediate surroundings at that moment. You understand.