Monday, August 30, 2010

July 3 Taste Of Chicago and The Heavy

I haven't been to the Taste of Chicago in over 15 years. Why?...You might ask. Because it sucks. The original concept was very cool. Local restaurants selling their specialties all in one place for everyone to sample. Great idea. But as everyone who pays attention around here knows, Mayor Daley is a corrupt piece of shit who thinks he does not stink. Trust me that smell at 130th Street on the Bishop Ford is not the garbage dump or the sewage treatment plant, it is the odor of Mayor Daley's city. That said, I went to the Taste of Chicago today. Guess what? It still sucks. Not because of the overcrowded streets, the lack of picnic tables, the long lines to buy tickets that must be used instead of cash at the booths or the fact that the restaurants do not sell drinks so you have to stand in another very long line for a drink. The reason it sucks is once Mayor Daley realized how profitable Taste of Chicago could be, he ruined it. Now only his friends or restaurants that he can extort money from are allowed to be at the Taste. Again not the main reason I hate the Taste of Chicago. The restaurants are only there for the money too. Several sell food at the Taste that they do not sell at the restaurant. The great American way...take a great idea and fuck it up in order to turn a bigger profit. I ate at several places and now I know never to visit those restaurants. The real reason I went to the Taste was to see a band that I love, The Heavy. These guys are great, they have an updated hard rocking 60's soul sound. They made the trip to Grant Park worth it for me.
I went with my friend & fellow music aficionado, Marko
The Heavy rocked the stage in the hot sun. Unlike the band before them, the crowd get getting bigger as they convinced people to stick around with their unique sound. 
The singer, Kelvin Swaby, stuck around to greet the fans.
Walking through Grant Park after the show we found a hot clown which is extremely rare.
I also found a bunch of tables set up for chess matches but they started taking them down when we got closer. So to wrap this day up, will it be another fifteen years before I go to the Taste Of Chicago. Probably longer than that unless a cool band is scheduled to play.

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