Monday, August 30, 2010

July 11 & 12 Finally...Riding the Single Track & the L.A.T.E. Ride in Chicago

It's been a hot & humid summer. It has also rained a lot. Not the nice soft summer rain. The flood causing tropical thunderstorm type of rain. Every time I think the trails have dried out enough to ride without causing damage to them, it rains for two straight days. No rain for past few days and the trails are mostly dry enough to ride. Off to Sweet Woods I go. It felt great to get out and ride through the woods.
This section is usually muddy, but now it is like a mini lake. The frogs jumped in as I rode past and I have never seen the Lilly pads in almost ten years of riding here.

This incredible bridge is definitely new this summer. I have seen a few people riding these trails, but I have no idea who builds these great bridges over the ravines. I would love to help some time and I thank them now. 
It felt good to ride today but I have to get some sleep because tonight is the LATE Ride through Chicago.
The ride started earlier this year. Our group, Kimmie, Chrissy & Walter started about midnight.
Here's Walter throwing down some Canadian gang signs.
I had a good time riding with Walter, Kimmie & Chrissy. We got separated several times but always found each other along the way. Here's a fun loving volunteer directing traffic while playing songs that befit his outfit.
Kimme was all smiles back in Grant Park. The early start time meant that we were done before the sunrise. I hope they go back to the later start next year. Since we left the dogs alone all night long, we dropped off Kimmie and picked them up for an early morning trip to LakeView Beach. It was a beautiful summer morning for a swim.
Oslo went in for a swim. I jumped in for a Polish bath. Then we walked down the beach.
Everyone resting before we headed home where everyone took a nap.

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