Sunday, August 15, 2010

June 18 Twentytwo Years of Beach, Boardwalk, Freakshow & Fireworks

Yes, today is my twenty-second anniversary. I'm pretty sure for the 22nd you give the gift of not spending the day together. Perfect. But I do know that Chrissy has enjoyed the many trips we've taken to Coney Island over the years. For someone who didn't grow up with Coney Island in her life, that is quite impressive. I love this place but I can admit it is not for everyone. So for loving the place because I do I bought Chrissy some salt water taffy from Williams Candy Shop today.  I edited pictures this morning and had lunch at the Smith Union Cafe before heading down to CI. My first stop was the Seaside Handball Courts.
I watched a pretty good game for awhile. But not much was going on there. It was an extremely hot day.
I walked along looking for interesting things to a freak.
A big crowd gathered to watch people shoot paint balls at a poor bastard that couldn't find a better job. That said, this is what makes Coney Island unique. Sure it seems wrong but people love it. It is this kind of amusement that can't be found elsewhere that seems to be pure Coney Island to me. Grab a hot dog or a lemon ice and "shoot the freakin' freak!".
I decided to get some shots of the signs around Coney Island. I really didn't feel up to the task and it showed in the lack of creativity in the pictures.
Then I stumbled upon the Gypsy Caravan parked in a lot at Stillwell & Bowery. This provided inspiration and a good laugh.
Once again I have to profess my love for the creativity of all the artists out there. The Gypsy Mermaid was nowhere to be found but she put a smile on my face. Thanks. Once again I found my way to Coney Island USA where Serpentina was kind enough to pose for me.

Then I got to spend some time with two Coney Island icons, Marie Roberts and Charles Denson. I got to listen in as they talked about the past and the not so hopeful future of CI. I strongly recommend Charles' book "Coney Island : Lost & Found" if you are interested in reading about Coney Island. The conversation took place in the Coney Island Museum which only added to my enjoyment and amazement of being part of this scene.
Me having fun with a fun-house mirror.

Marie standing next to her artwork outside the Sideshow entrance. After watching the MC put on a show out front, Kevin & I checked out the show. I highly recommend seeing the show if you are in NYC.
Sorry no pictures allowed during the show. Trust me it is worth the money. Very entertaining family least for the families that are cool enough to visit Coney Island.

I walked around the amusement area waiting for the fireworks show at 9:30pm. I took this shot of the Cyclone and didn't realize that my friends, Alison & Kevin, were riding in the front seat until I was editing the pictures. It made the picture better for me.
I figured the clams were so good the other day, I'd try oysters today. Nice chilled dinner on a hot night.
This is what I was waiting for...fireworks on the beach. But I still had a couple of hours to back down the boardwalk toward Brighton Beach.

I found these kids photographing themselves doing acrobatic tricks on & off the boardwalk. They were pretty impressive and a good group of kids just having fun.

Back at the Seaside Courts, I ran into Pirate Mike who explained the rules of the handball courts to me. Everyone seems to know the rules there. I really enjoyed being a part of the crowd at the courts. Definitely ruled by old school New Yorkers especially Brooklynites.

The sun finally sets...
...and the fireworks begin
I started out on the boardwalk then moved to Luna Park
Another late night ride through Brooklyn, another slice of pizza and an Italian ice before is good.

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