Saturday, September 2, 2017

August 29, 2017 Kayaking and Hiking in Terra Nova National Park

We spent the whole day in Terra Nova NP. Since we arrived at 9am and the visitor center doesn't open until 10am, we decided to hike out on the Coastal Trail.

Here I am relaxing on the Adirondack chairs overlooking Newman Sound on a beautiful morning. 

There are more bodies of water here in Newfoundland than anywhere else I have visited.

Christy hiking along the Coastal Trail.

Back at the Visitor's Center, this whale stayed too late in the year and got stuck in the ice. He was laid to rest here as a reminder that you shouldn't overstay your welcome.

Christy and I have a tandem kayak. Here we are heading out in Newman Sound. Sorry for the spots in the photos. I used a little pocket waterproof Nikon camera and didn't realized water had splashed onto  the lens.

There were jellyfish everywhere in Newman Sound.

I was trying to stay in paddling rhythm with Chrissy but our strokes were different lengths. Eventually I shortened my strokes so we weren't falling behind the group.

We paddled past several coves...

...and islands.

Uh-oh, the group is leaving us behind.

A back of the kayak selfie.

These pictures were taken under water after the guide told us that the clear jellyfish do not sting. Only the nasty looking red ones sting.

At times we paddled past hundreds of these brainless creatures of the sea.

After lunch, we hiked out to Buckley Cove...

...and made a loop of it by returning on Blue Hill Pond Trail.

This trail follows part of Newman Sound we just kayaked along.

It started out along the coast...

...then went into the forest.

This four foot high dead tree stump somehow became home for this berry plant. The will to survive by Mother Nature is incredible.

We decided to hike to Buckley Cove at the lollipop split in the trail.

There were many flowers in bloom along the trail.

The moss covered forest floor gave sections of the hike a fantasy land look.

So did this white lichen. At least that is what I think it is. I checked this isn't lichen and I am too tired to search out what it is. Let me know if you can ID this plant.

Chrissy's backlit purple and teal hair.

The hike to Buckley Cove was a bit rough on us flatlanders. So while Chrissy relaxed in the sun soaked Adirondack chairs, I walked along the shore of Buckley Cove.

A fisheye selfie above Buckley Cove.

We stopped at Blue Hill Pond for another fisheye lens selfie.

More fisheye fun at the boat launch...

...and the kayak beach.
The flag of Canada is in the background. The other red flag is for Canada's 150th Anniversary. The Canadian National Parks are free to everyone this year to commemorate that anniversary. The third flag is the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador flag.

The 8km hike over rocky terrain wore us out. Lucky for us, our hotel has a hot tub which helped with sore feet and legs. Then we had a fantastic dinner of pork chops, pan fried cod, steamed mussels, lemon meringue pie and partridge berry crumble. We also had a wonderful conversation with a local couple about life in Newfoundland and places to visit here. It started with a phrase we were already familiar with...Do you live here or come from away? It ended like old friends saying goodbye til we see you again. This is a special place with amazing people. 

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