Friday, September 1, 2017

August 28, 2017 The Baccalieu Trail

Today we drive from St. John's to Terra Nova National Park. Our first stop is at Cape Spear.

The new lighthouse at Cape Spear. This location is the easternmost point in North America.

The trails here are part of Newfoundland's Famous East Coast Trail.

The original lighthouse.

The red Adirondack chairs are placed all over Newfoundland and most have scenic views that make you want to sit there and take it all in.

Dark clouds over the North Atlantic Ocean.

Christy standing on the easternmost point of North America.

Our next stop was the Bay Roberts East Shoreline Heritage Walk. 

This was a very scenic and relaxing hike along the cliffs and shoreline of Bay Roberts. 

Finally relaxing on a beach with the sun shining. I sat here for quite a long time. But I had to go because you can't drive here after dark...too many moose on the island.

Very colorful hike.

Christy on our way back to the car.

The Holy Redeemer Anglican Church in Spaniard's Bay.

A roadside lookout near Lower Island Cove.

A quick stop in Bay de Verde.

A little fun with a fisheye lens in Bay de Verde.

Signs announcing the next town along the Baccalieu Trail.

The official sign on this route.

Just so you know, there were towns called Heart's Content, Heart's Delight and Heart's Desire along our drive today. So guess where we decided to stop? That's right...a town named Dildo.

Unfortunately the restaurant Dildo Dory Grill - The Home of Captain Dildo was closed on Monday. It was probably better that it was closed because we were laughing so hard that we were crying in the parking lot. Christy really wanted to meet Captain Dildo. So we walked around the docks on a beautiful evening.

But we never found him.

 After stopping in Norman's Cove, we drove through to Terra Nova NP. We spent a delightful evening on the back deck of our hotel with two local families who were scallop diving today. Their heavy accents (a combination of Irish, Scottish and Canadian is the best I can describe it) was difficult to figure out. Add to that the local phrases that are unknown to us and the extremely friendly nature of Newfoundlanders, it all added up to a wonderful evening with new friends under a star filled sky.

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