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December 10, 2016 Santacon in Los Angeles

After two wonderful days out in the desert, it was time to go to the city. Thanks to Christy for finding the LA Santacon was happening today and for my new Christmas socks. Even though they spent the last 48 hours with me, George and Marcy joined me for their first Santacon. Actually we were all in New York City when we stumbled across Santacon in 2011. Then Christy & I were part of NYC Santacon in 2013. My Santa costume was bought for a 20 degree NYC December day, Santa's gonna need a lot of Gold Bond powder today.

Some of these photos are mine and some are from my brother George.

We drove to Santa Monica and headed to Barney's Beanery on 3rd St. where we found these skateboarding Santas...

...then this guy in the suit shows up, takes a picture and skateboards down the street with one of their boards. LA Santacon is already very different than New York City's.

A selfie at the Christmas Tree in Santa Monica.

Marcy had a very popular shirt.

All the Santas loved Marcy.

Barney's Beanery is a small coffee shop out front and a huge two story bar inside. No wonder Santa decided to meet here. The place was filling up quickly.

We had some drinks and a few free shots of some kind of flavored alcohol. Santa can't remember what they were but it tasted like schnapps.

The whole point of Santacon is to dress like Santa or a holiday themed costume and wander through your city spreading holiday cheer. I love that aspect of this event. I also love meeting fun people who join events like this one. This Santa walked his polar bear all over the city. I had to get his picture for my wife who is polar bear zookeeper.

Santa is on the move to the Santa Monica pier. The first 100 Santas get to ride the carousel for free.

Santa heading to the beach. This is great for me. I love the ocean and I love amusement parks.  

Santa can see the ocean, my Christmas wish has come true.

One fucking happy Santa who is damn glad he has Gold Bond in and on his sack.

As Santas filled the carousel building, the looks on the little kids face's were priceless as they rode the carousel. Then Santa filled the carousel. There were a lot of Santas taking pictures with kids or handing out candy or Santa hats as gifts. 

This shirt just made me laugh. It's all in good not so clean fun.

Marcy & I rode the carousel. I just noticed the couple in front of her are two people we would meet later and spend the rest of the day partying together.

I was over the 200 pound limit to ride the moving horses so I had to sit in the fat bastard carriage.

People we met on the Santa Monica pier.

We grabbed a table at Rusty's Surf  Ranch and were invited to this event. We ordered drinks and some lunch.

Then Santa came around and introduced us to his reindeer who were all named after recreational drugs but still followed the melody of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. 

Then we met Chris and Ashley at the next table and our day took a turn towards more fun. These two were a blast to hang out with for the rest of the day...

...then more Santas joined our party. After drinks from Santa with the plastic tubes of shots draped across his chest and on his belt and a couple of rounds for everyone at our table...

...Santa sent out a message for everyone to meet at the end of the pier for a group picture.

A group of clowns joined Santacon...

...I thought their signs were funny and the had great costumes but not all the Santas were thrilled to see them. The more the merrier to me.

Chris seemed to agree that everyone was welcome.

I quickly learned that Chris was from the east coast like me. He also just wanted to have a good time. It didn't take long to realize that hanging out with him was gonna be fun. His outgoing personality meant that everyone who met him was made to feel like a friend minutes after saying hello. I am not lying when I say that by the end of Santacon, more people knew Chris by name than anyone else in the group.

I had to get a beach shot from the pier. The ocean was pretty calm.

This family band sounded really good.

The LA Santacom group photo. I lost everyone in the crowd but I see Marcy in this picture.

I liked the "Down With Pants" sign.

My selfie that I fat fingered. I could have cropped it out but I deserve the shame.

George got a group shot with me on the lower left side.

Definitely California Santas

Another amusing sign

It looks like Ashley found me.

A group selfie

As a fan of boardwalks, beaches and amusement parks, I was thrilled to be out here today.

Somehow this group of strangers crossed paths on the pier...of course everyone agreed a picture had to be taken.

This soul singer performing on the pier had all the Santas dancing.

Some Santas went down to Muscle Beach for a photo op. Then we all met again in Tongva Park for some reindeer games.

There was a huge Twister game...

....and snow which meant a snowball fight in a park lined with Palm trees.

I live in Chicago so I have snow every winter but I still joined in because throwing a snowball in Southern California is something special.

Santas filled the park.

Every Santa had a kind word and a beautiful smile.

When Jesus showed up, everyone in the park sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

Another coincidence, I saw this young lady get wound up then march across the park like a toy soldier. Later in the day, these two joined us for drinks at the Westside Tavern.

Ashley & Marcy

There was a Christmas tree throwing contest...

...more people joined Twister...

...some Santas just relaxed in the park...

...this really was reindeer games...

 I believe Chris won the tree throwing contest and blew out the crotch in his Christmas Wrapping suit in the process.

The Virgin Mary. There were so many great costumes. I love being a part something that brings people together for nothing else but having fun.

A Hungry Santa game was played on skateboards.

It was time to head to the Metro and Westwood. I ran up the stairs to get one last shot of Tongva Park.

The train was packed with Santas and a few amused non Santa passengers. We were asked a lot of questions all day long and most people loved seeing a huge group of Santas. We sung Happy Birthday to Jesus again on the train.

Santa about to invade a neighborhood. As we walked down a busy street to the Westside Pavillion, cars would stop and take pictures of Santas marching down the sidewalk at least three blocks long. 
Ashley grabbed a table for us at the Westside Tavern as Chris held the door open and welcomed everyone to the party.

Eventually Chris joined us along with these two guys. The place was packed so we squeezed as many people as we could at our table.

I finally met Jesus and was glad to find out that he has the same sense of humor as I do.

Santas filling the mirror above the bar.

These two must love Dr. Seuss characters as much as I do,

Santa has so many great outfits.

The Gingerbread Man gets all the cute girls.
Santa is on the move again, back on the Metro to Sepulveda and walk west along the bike path...

...where Santa's elves are handing out free jello in plastic everyone is jolly.

A bunch of us headed into Billingsley's.

This Santa sat at the bar and had a few of these. We also ordered some food. The Santas spread out over several bars and strip clubs in the area. We went into Plan B's where the dancers strip down to bikini type underwear. No pictures allowed in there. It was packed with Santas. A couple of female Santas joined the dancers and were cheered. This is where my Santacon ended. My Santa hat off to all the Santas that put this wonderful day together and to all the Santas I met who made the day so enjoyable. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

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  1. Had no idea this Santa Shit also happened here in L.A. but then again, your dogs get out more than I do. What a fun group of people and right up the Otts alley. Glad there are people who organize fun events like this and you were able to join in.