Sunday, July 13, 2014

June 14 & 15, 2014 Mountain Biking in Indianapolis

I spent the weekend mountain biking with my sister-in-law Kimmy and her cousin Mark at Southwestway Park and Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis. I just found these pictures on a SD card and realized that I haven't been mountain biking off road in a month. It's not because I am lazy...okay that might be one is because it rains every other day in Chicago this summer. So here are a few pictures from our rides. I had a great time riding here. It is definitely worth a day trip to Indy to ride these trails. 

The downhill flow trails were lots of fun at Southwestway Park.

Resting probably because I needed to stop, but at least I got a few pictures.

After riding all afternoon at Southwestway Park, we rode the mostly paved trails at Eagle Creek Park.

A California Redwood brought here to the Nature Center.

Back at Southwestway Park early Sunday morning.

A big thanks to Mark for giving us a place to stay and for taking us out on the trails. This was an enjoyable weekend with family. Hope to do it again real soon.

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