Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 19, 2014 Summer Nights at Brookfield Zoo with Kevin Presbrey (Concert #29)

I went to Brookfield Zoo with Kimmy and Kristian for the Summer Nights event that featured Kevin Presbrey and the Midwest on the music stage. But first I got into a staring contest with a grizzly bear....

...then a Mexican Gray wolf. I blinked first both times.

Then went to see less intimidating animals.

I finally got backstage after 34 years of going to concerts and I did not have to blow anyone or show my boobs.

The zoo had performers traveling around entertaining everyone. Besides the very long lines for food, the zoo did a really good job with the Summer Nights event.

Kevin Presbrey and his band, The Midwest, played a great mix of cover songs from Ray Lamontagne to Led Zeppelin. Since they could not sell merchandise at the zoo, they were giving away their Dust To Dust CD in exchange for your e-mail address.

The band had a bunch of little kids jumping around and dancing on the dance floor in front of the stage. There were mostly young parents with their kids throughout the zoo. I really enjoyed seeing kids under the age of five enjoying live music. My hope is they continue to want to see bands playing live for the rest of their lives.

After the band played two sets, the zoo started the laser light show. My first thought was this would be much cooler if music was playing...after five minutes they announced the show would start again because they forgot to start the music. OK, it was much cooler with music which included popular songs from kid's movies like 'Frozen' from the little I know about that stuff. The lasers flashed messages and lights across the sky and most of the little kids had glow sticks of various types. When the dancing kids started singing the songs, my second thought was this is like a rave for five year olds. The music was playing much louder than when the band played. I swear I heard some toddlers asking for ecstasy as they danced staring at the laser lights. I know it sounds like I'm goofing on the whole night but I'm not. It was a beautiful summer night and I had a great time.
Several types of drugs would greatly enhance the laser light show experience...

....but just acting like a kid worked for me tonight.

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