Saturday, October 12, 2013

September 14, 2013 Day Two of Riot Fest

I can't drink today at Riot Fest, look what I brought home last night. Though Roxie looks more ashamed than I do.
It's a beautiful day for some punk music.

We decided to check out Surfer Blood from the Ferris Wheel.

A selfie with a punk girl that jumped in my seat on the Ferris Wheel.

 A few shots from high above Riot Fest.

The north half of Chicago's skyline from Humboldt Park.

The very entertaining Environmental Encroachment.

 A big cheer for the Stanley Cup Champions from Chicago.

Even Triumph The Insult Comic Dog was a fan of EE.

I love a parent/child mosh pit.

After their set, the band marched off the stage and kept playing.

Entertainment everywhere you went.

Dinosaur Jr. A favorite of mine...

...and Chrissy...

 ...Geo & Marcy during the Guided By Voices set.
Robert Pollard of GBV.

 Love me some girls with tats. The talented performers at the Sideshow Tent.

Chrissy resting before jumping into the mosh pit for Rancid.

 The funniest shirt I saw all weekend.
We walked around the carnival during the Violent Femmes but we could hear them loud and clear. They sounded great as they played their first album all the way through. Even told us it was time to flip the album when they started side two.

Blink-182 had fans trying to get a better view...

...I like their songs but the sound was awful. It kept going in and out. So we left...

...Chrissy heading down Division after a great day of music in Humboldt Park.

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