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September 15, 2013 The Last Day of Riot Fest...Color Me Impressed

As you can see, the weather sucks today. So why did we arrive early? Because today is the last day of Riot Fest, fuck the weather, I have good rain gear and one of my all time favorite bands is playing in Chicago for the first time since they broke up in Chicago twenty two years ago...the best band of the 1980's...The Replacements.

Riot Fest had several food choices, the typical festival/carnival everything fried choices and the increasingly popular food truck choices. I enjoyed the wide selection of options from the food trucks...mostly.

We started out with local ska band...Deals Gone Bad.

Supposedly umbrellas were not allowed but security did the right thing and didn't enforce that rule today. The Riot Fest people did a great job all weekend.

This band hardly looks punk in their yellow raincoats but Pet Symmetry sounded pretty good.

Reggie and the Full Effect drew a big crowd and they braved the rain without yellow raincoats.

Chrissy braving the cold and the rain.

Lots of the beer tent people put up funny signs about leaving a tip. This was one of the best ones.

Environmental Encroachment's 'flag boy' can only mean one thing... favorite band of the weekend is back...rain or shine this band is a good time.

Check this band out at

We watched The Silks, The Wonder Years, Bayside, Bob Mould and Against Me. This is The Dismemberment Plan.

It rained on & off all day and the temperature kept dropping. We caught bits and pieces of Rocket From The Crypt, Off With Their Heads, Suicidal Tendencies (they were great), Touche Amore, The Broadways and AFI. We hung out all day with my friend Adam but he is too young to remember The Replacements. But my friend and fellow Replacements fan, Marko did join us late in the day. We decided to pass on the Pixies so we could get up front for the Replacements. That was worth it. The 'Mats sounded great and they put on a good show. Here's hoping they stay together and tour some more. They currently are only playing the three Riot Fest shows.
But since they ended the show in typical Replacements fashion with their song called I.O.U. which contains the line "I owe you nothing", I'm not so confident I'll ever see them play again. But it was great to hear them play tonight.

At some point in the afternoon we decided to check out the sideshow for two, I love Coney Island USA's sideshow...two, it was in a tent. They put on a good show and we got out of the rain.

Good night Riot Fest. See you next year.

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