Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 10, 2013 July & August Social Club Information

I am trying to give everyone enough notice for the July & August Social Club events. I want to thank Patty for joining us at the LATE Ride. It was a nice night for a bike ride and the sunrise was very colorful. I will post pictures soon. So July's event is something I have never been able to attend. It is Pierogi Fest in Whiting, IN. I will be attending on Friday July 26th. The big event that night is the International Polka Parade at 7pm. This takes place on 119th Street in Whiting. For more info check out the official site click here. If you want to join us please let me know.

The August Social Club Event has two parts. On Saturday August 17th is Gogol Bordello at the Congress Theater. Trust me, you've never seen anything like this band live. The first time I saw them opening up for the Dropkick Murphys, I was like "what the fuck is this and what language is he singing?" By the end of their set, me and everyone else in the theater were dancing like fools to this infectious band. I have yet to meet anyone that didn't love seeing them in concert. So join us for this on Saturday night, kind of like a pre party event. Then on Sunday August 18th....

.... I have rented the Duneside Shelter at the Indiana Dunes State Park. So make a day of it at the beach and join us at the shelter. This will be an all day event for the whole family. More details to follow. The Duneside Shelter is past the campground. There are plenty of hiking trails, including ones that will take you to the beach. There will be food and drinks. If you would like to bring some food, I will have a BBQ grill available.
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