Thursday, July 4, 2013

April 30, 2013 Off The Beaten Path In The Big Easy

Our last day in NOLA and I'm tired of being a typical tourist. So we decided to visit the largest urban wildlife refuge in the United States, Bayou Sauvage. Even though this place is within the New Orleans city limits we had the bayou to ourselves.

 We hiked out along a boardwalk and hiked back along a levee.

 Like the rest of New Orleans, this place was colorful, different, full of a diverse mix of characters that all seemed to get along in this special place. Of course there was music here too. It was provided by the birds and the wind rustling the tall grass.

After spending all morning at the bayou, we headed back into the city for lunch. We decided to stop at a BBQ place in the Ninth Ward called The Joint which is located in the Bywater neighborhood. We had some time since it didn't open until 11:30am, so we walked around the neighborhood and took pictures. Once again we stumbled into a wonderful area full of color and character. I fell in love with this city at first sight last year and this visit only deepened that love.

 Chrissy standing over her nickname on Mazant Street.


Why do I love this place? It's the artwork, the flowers & plants, the colors, the fact that all the houses have a distinct look whether freshly painted or left to age gracefully, the working shutters, the landscaping, the laid back feeling that is palpable throughout the city and of course it's the food. Even though we walked several blocks from the BBQ place, the wonderful odor of meat being slow cooked and/or smoked was everywhere. By the time we got back to The Joint...the line was out the door.

This place was like heaven for me. The sense of humor with the signs, the friendly people, the smell...that smell was killing me as I waited for our food. If I lived in Bywater, it would be damn near impossible for me to not eat here once the smell of barbequed pork and beef wafted my way.
Chrissy waiting for our food to arrive... pulled pork and ribs with baked beans and potato salad...
Chrissy's mac & cheese with a pulled pork sandwich with slaw. This food was so good that not only was it worth the wait, it is worth a trip to New Orleans.
 We ended up in the French Quarter to do some shopping before heading to the airport. A quick moving thunderstorm put a quick end to that as we got drenched.
So I'll end our trip to NOLA with this 'door' put on a still abandoned house in the Ninth Ward on St. Claude Avenue. It perfectly describes the spirit and soul of New Orleans.
open a new door."

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