Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 1, 2012 My First Day In Vieux Carre

I've been a few places in my life but no place I have ever visited is like this city. I could not stop taking pictures of New Orleans. This is easily the most colorful and unique city in least in my humble opinion. The history, the old buildings still in use, the various cultures that have collided here over the years and the marks they left here that still remain, the food and of course, the music. The music is music in the bars, on the streets....and when I arrived with my cousin Laura at noon...several restaurants in the French Quarter had bands playing for the lunch crowds. I hope these pictures adequately describe my day in this city and how I fell in love with it the moment we met.

Farmer's Market in the French Quarter

Saint Louis Cathedral

Jackson Square Musicians
Street Performers in the French Quarter

The French loaned New Orleans to the Spanish for 40 years, then took it back to sell it to the United States. These old street signs are the Spanish names for the streets.

This Sailor Jerry's Rum car was parked on the street in the Quarter, which seems appropriate since alcohol is flowing all over this place.
There are private residences in the Vieux Carre and judging from this sign, the residents are as entertaining and unique as their city.

So many food choices, so little time...but I did my best to try it all.

I just loved the colors throughout the city.
Did I mention the food yet? Oysters on the half shell, beer and music all in the same place...I may never leave.

I am not exaggerating, there is live music everywhere in this city.
After spending the day wandering aimlessly through New Orleans, Laura & I picked up my brother Jeff and headed right back to the French Quarter for dinner & drinks.

The city was just as photogenic after dark...wandered aimlessly again...just me, my brother & my cousin...what a great day for me...spending time with my family and my new love...New Orleans.

Here's Laura, our designated driver and Jeff after two or three hand grenades at Tropical Isle...
...on the way out he insisted on petting the police horses...
...then they pretended to tag this graffiti covered door...

Bonne nuit mon amour.


  1. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME PHOTOS that captures the colorful vibe of the and night.

  2. Thanks Marilyn. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.