Sunday, February 13, 2011

Febraury 13, 2011 A Winter Walk

Fluffy at Marquette Park, Gary IN

I took the dogs on an early morning walk along the beach at Marquette Park. The first thing that struck me was the lack of snow on the beach. We have had about 30" of snow in the past two weeks but none on the beach. The wind from the blizzard must have blown the snow over the dunes further inland. The sand on the beach was frozen solid. There was snow along the dunes and the shelf ice had sand mixed into it. The shelf ice was about 15-20 feet above the beach out near the open water. While on the dunes you could see icebergs floating in the water. I fell through the wind blown snow drifts several times. Once all the way up to my hip. Oslo & Roxie loved it. The old girl Fluff showed how tough she was by climbing out after falling through the snow. The shelf ice was mostly slush along the shoreline so I didn't venture out onto it. 

 The shelf ice on Lake Michigan

An interesting piece of drift wood frozen in the shelf ice

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