Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 1, 2011 Storm Of The Century - Part One

6:45am Lansing, IL

We got about two inches of snow overnight. Later today about 3pm, the Blizzard Warning goes into effect. The predictions are as high as 24 inches of snow with 60 MPH winds. Off to work I go.
          3:18pm  Englewood, Chicago, IL
3:38pm Englewood, Chicago, IL

The snow started falling about 1:30pm. The wind started really getting strong about 2pm. As expected traffic was slow. How slow? It took me almost ninety minutes to get from 43rd & State to 71st & Halsted. I had an emergency call for the gas console down at a Marathon there. I found the console with a half inch of snow covering it. Yes it was in the building, but the wind was blowing straight at the front window and blowing through the bullet proof turnstile. I'll explain for you white readers that never visit black neighborhoods. This is a walk up only station. All products bought are transferred to the customer through a spinning bullet proof lazy susan type of turnstile. The snow was blowing into the store through this device, even when it was closed. I had to move the console below the counter to protect it. 
9:39pm Lansing, IL

The wind is about 40mph and it is snowing so I had to take this picture from my garage. Chrissy & I cleared the alley and the sidewalks. By the time we were done, you couldn't even tell we shoveled at all. 

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