Thursday, September 9, 2010

August 7 It's Punk Day At Lollapalooza

I slept in today. No early bands were worth me getting up early to see. The south stages have punk bands most of the day. So today it looks like punk day at Lolla for me.
I ate lunch and listened to Blues Traveler from the lawn on the south end of Grant Park. Then I met up with my friend, Eric and a buddy of his. We checked out Against Me! while waiting for Gogol Bordello.
Against Me! fired up the crowd on a hot sunny day. They spit out a ton of three minute punk songs covering the usual punk topics including politics, world views and social ills. Of course I love that stuff especially when done well by a punk band. RIYL - political punk songs

Years ago I saw Gogol Bordello open up for Flogging Molly or the Dropkick Murphys, I can't remember which band. But I do remember being blown away by their music, energy and incredible stage show. Today is the first time since then I got to see them live. Nothing has changed except they are deservedly very popular now. They converted any non-believers in the crowd with the best performance of the day.

Everyone I talked to was impressed by Gogol Bordello, including those that had never seen them before today. The best word is unique, they are like no other band I've seen. Sure some would use 'strange' instead. But it really is impossible to stand still and not have fun while they are playing unless you are dead. RIYL - worldwide influenced music with a punk edge, letting loose & having fun

I watched AFI on my way to the beer garden. I will only drink Budweiser if nothing else is available so I had to get beers at the Lederhosen Biergarten. On the way I met up with my friends, Ian & Amy and we checked out Deer Tick for a song or two. Then we met Eric at the south main stage for Social Distortion.

I have been a Social D fan for years but I don't think I've ever seen them live. Yea, goof on me. I can't remember. Anyway these guys showed the younger bands how it should be done. There was a mosh pit just to our right so I jumped in a few times. The crowd around us knew all the songs which made the show better for me. I heard complaints about some in the crowd not knowing these old timers. That would be their loss.

Even at my age I had a blast acting like a kid bouncing around singing the songs. Back in 1983 they were considered punk, nowadays I would call them a great rock and roll band with a punk attitude.
Ian & Amy rocking to Social D

I left the Social D set exhausted and hoarse. I needed a full body massage but had to settle for a drink and some food. RIYL- rocking punk music performed by masters of the craft
We walked back to the beer garden and checked out Slightly Stoopid (a ska/reggae band like Sublime) and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes (a talented band of hippies...what's not to like) along the way. Both sounded good to me. I ended the beautiful summer night sitting on the grass with Ian & Amy watching Green Day with Chicago's skyline in our view. A great ending to my day.
Green Day from way in the back. We moved up on the left side due to sound issues again with the main stages. Green Day played a varied set of old & new with a bunch of covers included. Green Day might be considered old timers by the Lolla crowd so that means Social Distortion must be legends. Either way, it was a nice contrast seeing those punk bands back to back.
It was a crazy scene on the way out as the police tried to stop the flow of people so traffic could move along Michigan Avenue. So when the crowd was allowed to cross Michigan, they were met by those that already crossed with cheers, dancing & high fives. Another fun day in the alternate Lollapalooza world. Only one day left here and then back to the real world.

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