Sunday, July 1, 2018

July 1, 2018 A Sunrise Swim with my Dogs

The sunrise over the Grand Marsh at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. It is going to be another 95 degree day with very high humidity, so I took the dogs to Dunbar Beach. We got here about 10 minutes after the 5:12am sun rise. It was already 74 degrees.

Another calm day on Lake Michigan.

Looking east across the beach grass covered sand dunes.

I love the views with the sun beaming across the water.

Nola couldn't wait to jump into the lake.

The sand martins were flying and chattering all around us. They are nest in holes along this eroded sand dune.

These two numb nuts can't decide which direction to walk.

So the three us walked toward the light.

The sand and boats with an early morning glow from the low sun.

The lake looks as smooth as glass...

...until Oslo jumps in for a swim.

Oslo with an orange glow.

Interesting flowers on this roadside plant.

Me and Nola having fun with shadows.

Back on the beach for more swimming.

Oslo swam several times today. He loves spending time at the beach.

The lake has warmed up incredibly in the past month. It is so hot and muggy, it would feel better if it was colder.

Oslo better lift his head or that tongue will be dragging in the sand...

or he could go for another swim. He chose the water option.
Here is the old man now, passed out in front of my fan. It's a rough life but Oslo makes the best of it.

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