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August 27, 2014 The Alaska State Fair

There are moments on every trip I have taken that I will remember forever...this is one of them. It doesn't seem like much but I never thought growing up that I would spend a week in Alaska with my cousin from Puerto Rico. So a big thanks to Karen & Ken for joining us. And hanging out on our cabin's front porch....even if it was only because the wi-fi signal was stronger at our cabin than your cabin.

Karen & Ken's Cabin

The view from our cabin.

Asking a girl to pose with a bear statue says a lot about her. Apparently, Chrissy is more of a hugger... 

....while Karen enjoys climbing on top...just look at the big smile. 

We decided to pick up these two hitchhikers. In Alaska hitchhiking seems like an acceptable way to get around...another reason to love this state.

After a quick stop at the Denali Visitor Center bookstore, we headed south toward Kenai.

But first we stopped at our favorite place to eat in the area and enjoyed another delicious breakfast. 
Since it was raining again with very low clouds blocking our views, we decided against hiking in Denali State Park. We did stop at Wal*Mike's to support a local business and take a few pictures of a very interesting place. Mike has a tip jar for the Wounded Warrior Project and asks for a donation if you want to take pictures...I donated to the worthy cause.

I love a good Thomas Paine quote. One of America's forgotten revolutionary forefathers.

I remembered this sign from 10 years ago. Glad to see it was still here. Actually not much has changed except this place has gotten more famous as a must see tourist stop.

Ken showing a little Texas love to Sarah Palin.

An Alaskan Outhouse

Looks like I found the except one.

I couldn't help myself. I fix gas pumps for a living.
I am pretty sure this is the first state fair I have attended. So why not do it in Alaska?
I even met Scotty Gomez's father. Scotty is from Alaska and won the Stanley Cup while playing for the New Jersey Devils. There was a booth selling raffle tickets to support the Scotty Gomez Foundation. I said I wanted to buy one because I always thought Scotty was a really good guy. The man selling the tickets says to me, " I really appreciate you saying that because Scotty is my son." When I told him I lived in Chicago and probably would not be able to pick up the grand prize of a four wheeler or a snowmachine, he told me if I win he would make sure it was shipped to me.

The fair is in Palmer which is north of Anchorage.

I did get to see the racing pigs in action but I couldn't take any pictures because I was eating a Philly cheesesteak sandwich.

I can't remember all their names but one of them was called Notorious PIG. I think he won his race.

Alaskans will be voting to legalize marijuana this year.

I was not exactly sure what this act was doing. But I couldn't stop watching...

...then the same ladies came out and started dancing. Eventually Christy and Karen dragged me away as I kept babbling, "what the hell was that?"

I thought this was perfect...putting the wine tasting in a church.

The Corn Hog...a foot looong hot dog wrapped in bacon, deep fried then dipped in homemade corn batter and deep fried again. I can't understand why the United States has an obesity problem.

But funny is funny even making fun of fat me.

Ken enjoyed a regular corn dog because...


Chrissy settled on some fried halibut.

Ken really enjoyed his corn dog. This wasn't his first state fair.

All I could say after reading this was "I got nipples. Can you milk me?" 

Christy was quick to point out that the pigs Karen & Ken were looking at had the same names as my dad and his brother.

I was impressed that pigs come with grill marks already on them.

This is why I wanted to come to the Alaska State Fair...the giant locally grown produce.

How exciting! We got to see a record breaking Spaghetti Squash.

Ken has a strange fascination with Bigfoot. 

This couple is about to be slingshotted into the beautiful Alaska night sky.

After the fair we drove through Anchorage and stopped along Turnagain Arm to look for Beluga whales and stretch our legs. Another fun day exploring Alaska. Now on to Kenai.

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