Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 6, 2014 The Stooges Brass Band and Brother Joscephus & The Love Revolution (Concert #33)

Here's Michelle and Chrissy on our way to City Winery in the Fulton Market section of the city. This area has been undergoing the dreaded G word....Gentrification. Right now it is still a cool area full of restaurants and bars along with warehouses that haven't been converted to condos....yet. 

This is me. After three days at Lolla and right back to work on Monday morning, I am fucking exhausted right now. But I am excited about seeing some live music. I watched one video online of Brother Joscephus and bought these tickets a few weeks ago. Here's the video that convinced me that I had to see this band in concert.

We had seats right on the edge of the stage. The opening band was The Stooges Brass Band but I also saw them called Stooges Musical Group. Either way, they were fantastic. Great entertainers both musically and as performers. They had the whole place up and dancing for a good part of their set. 

The Stooges Brass Band is from New Orleans where it seems like being a performer is required to live there. They did a bit where the trumpet player and the tuba player each bet that the crowd on their side of the stage could dance better. Our side lost, probably because of my dancing. So the trumpet player kept his dreads and got the tuba from his bandmate.

The energy from the stage filled the room as they played traditional New Orleans music mixed with contemporary music.

Here they were going back to their high school marching band days and were winded by the end of the song because they were high stepping while playing. Performances like this is why I tell everyone I know that loves music to visit New Orleans...soon & often.

Brother Joscephus & Reverend Right Dawg on piano were backed by Chicago musicians tonight at City Winery. Like the Stooges before them, this was another fun show. The music was as good as the entertaining stage show. I really enjoyed the Reverend on piano and directing the band throughout the show.

If you are looking to have a joyous musical celebration...then check this band out. They played an amazing cover of Sublime's 'What I Got" mixed with The Treme song during which each member of the horn section got his own verse and a solo. The band's original songs were just as good.

I've seen all kinds of music since last Friday. So many styles, different genres & amazing musicians but the best part of the past 6 days was seeing music played live...there really is nothing like seeing a band perform on stage. I arrived at City Winery completely exhausted and left completely exhilarated. Thank you Stooges Brass Band and Brother Joscephus

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