Sunday, June 1, 2014

May 29, 2014 Conor Oberst & Dawes at the Cabaret Metro (Concert #24)

I know it is currently known as Metro but when I was a kid it was called Cabaret Metro. It's like calling US Cellular Field...Comiskey Park...too bad...I call it what is should be known as.

I've been waiting for this show ever since I had to call my brother George at work minutes before tickets went on sale because I could not get an internet signal at the station I was working at. He ended up getting me tickets. So I thank him for that because this was a really good show. Dawes was the opening act and played a short but solid set. I've seen them a couple of times at festivals and they put on a good show. Taylor Goldsmith is one of my favorite songwriters. As I pointed out to Patty throughout their set, every song has a really good line that catches my imagination. The band plays their music very well. I've enjoyed seeing them live but never was blown away by them.

I've seen Conor Oberst in concert twice...both times I was blown away by the power of his lyrics and how passionately he performs those songs. The interesting twist to tonight's show is that Dawes is the backing band for Conor Oberst....and Dawes was amazing performing Conor's songs....and so was Conor. I was up late last night watching the Blackhawks win in double OT and this show didn't end until 12:30am but I didn't care because the music was that good. I highly recommend checking out both of these bands on record and of course in concert. This is what makes music so wonderful...well written songs performed with skill and passion.

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